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Desaware Licensing System Version 1.6 Updates

The following updates were incorporated into the version 1.6 update. This version has been superceded by version 2.0.

Native WPF Code Entry Control

The version 1.6 machine license component includes a native WPF code entry control that is functionally compatible with the current Windows forms code entry control (.NET 3.5 framework required).

FIPS Compliance

The version 1.6 machine license component is FIPS compliant. This functionality is enabled automatically and transparently on any system that enforces FIPS compliance through local policy. No changes are required to existing servers and the certificates created when FIPS compliance is enabled are identical to those created on other machines.

More Flexible Server Licensing

The Desaware License Server is now also licensed for a domain/application on cloud/fallback server hosts. When you use the hosted installation feature to license a server, the domain/application root used to access the server will continue to work with that server even if it is running on different machines (as is common in cloud scenarios).

Flexible Storage of Licensing Certificates

Previous versions of the DLS only allowed storage of license certificates in disk files. With the version 1.5 client update, you can store license certificates in isolated storage (machine or user storage), or completely take over storage and retrieval of certificates. For example: you can now store a license certificate in a local database.

New WebCodeEntry Control

Previous versions of the DLS have included a windows forms based control for entering license keys. The version 1.5 client includes a new ASP .NET web control for entering license keys. This new control offers features similar to the existing CodeEntry control, and is AJAX enabled to provide rapid first-pass validation of codes as they are entered.

Increased Flexibility with System Identifiers

The DLS has always allowed you to define your own system identifiers - the values that are used to identify systems during licensing. However, previous versions always included the default identifiers as part of the comparison (unless you modified the comparison algorithm to ignore them). The version 1.5 update allows you to discard the default identifiers entirely.

New Web Application Licensing Example

The version 1.5 client update includes examples showing how to license web applications and services. The example illustrates use of the new WebCodeEntry control, and how you can license a web application based on domain and IP address, rather than by machine.

CodeEntryControl improvements

The version 1.5 CodeEntryControl component and 1.6 WPF CodeEntryControl component include enhancements including the ability to paste installation keys directly into the control.

Compatibility Note

The version 1.5 licensing component is not backward compatible (binary compatible) with previous versions. Using the 1.5 licensing component will require either rebuilding your application to use the new component, or specifying binding information in your configuration file. The version 1.6 licensing component requires the .NET 3.5 framework and is named desaware.machinelicense35.dll. Upgrading to this component will require minor code changes to update the namespace to desaware.machinelicense35. The version 1.5 and 1.6 components are functionally identical except for those features specific to the .NET 3.5 framework (FIPS compliance and the WPF native code entry control) which are only available on the 1.6 client component.

The current license server supports both client components along with the previous 1.1-1.3 version client components.

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